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Annapurna Circuit Trek

Brian | America

RATING: | : 19/12/2017

My partner and I did the Annapurna Circuit Trek for the first time with Yatri Nepal. We were inexperienced trekkers, and we made sure we shared all details and information with the company.

We arranged all the details of the trek and the logistics months before we reached Kathmandu. Everything was settled via email. They are very efficient and quick in replying to emails, giving quotes and advising on best ways and treks around Nepal.

We had a special request to see the most monasteries and temples during our trek and they were flexible enough to suggest a last minute change to our plan and we went on with it. 

The guide and porter provided by Yatri Nepal were very strict, sticking to schedule and motivating. The guide at times when we were feeling tired and down, he was there to cheer us up and keep us motivated. The Porter was always on time ahead of us (because we were very slow :)) to book our rooms at the Inns and make sure we had the best rooms available. Some times it worked other times it didn’t but that was not his fault. 

I would definitely recommend Yatri Nepal Adventure for your next trekking journey. Everything can be sorted via email and cleared in the email.